Welcome to Elite Survival !

We are new 2020 premium server that was created for demanding players.

True native 1.16 vanilla and semi-vanilla worlds.
Professional and stable survival experience without server lags.
All worlds have no world border and run on dedicated high-end hardware.

Wide variety of worlds: from chillout survival with keep inventory on, through classic survival,
to semi-hardcore and anarchy worlds, and even a PvP Arena featuring vanilla 1.16 gameplay.

Our players can create own private land claims to be safe from any grief.
We always keep our server version natively up to date in all worlds.
We are not going to reset or wipe any of the worlds, ever.

Looking for one of the best and stable Minecraft survival servers you can trust?

You are at home :)

Server dynamic maps

VanillaChillout     EliteChillout   

VanillaClassic     EliteClassic   

VanillaHard     PLsurvival 

Anarchy     Realism

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Server Status

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2x 100000 land claim blocks

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